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At the Ferrer Tennis Academy we develop personalized training plans for each player, thus ensuring compliance with the set objectives and both the physical and psychological development of each of them, which will lead them to achieve success.

High Performance

 ¿Quieres saberlo todo sobre como entrena un Top 10?

Winning Mentality

The Mental Preparation Program is based on scientifically proven training techniques in sport psychology, oriented to get results, comprehensive and flexible, paying special attention to individual needs.

Physical Preparation

One of the main reasons why so many athletes of the Academy have obtained tennis scholarships and many are playing in the ITF ATP and WTA circuits, is the physical condition developed under the system. Physical preparation covers all the physical aptitudes, strength training, injury prevention and nutrition. Recognizing that the strengths and weaknesses of each player are unique, the Academy takes special care to develop customized training programs for each athlete. Our fitness program includes exercises for footwork, polymetric (medicine balls), circuit training as well as nutritional education and personal guidance.

Summer Stage

Have fun and enjoy the real essence of tennis during the summer season

Tennis, studies and fun

Through the Summer Stage or Summer Campus we offer the possibility for the players to choose which weeks of summer (June, July and August) they want to come to our high performance center to feel and taste the experience of training as any professional player.

This program offers players from around the world the opportunity to come to our center to be able to enjoy our training system as well as to improve certain aspects of their game. For this, they will have a personalized training plan consisting of 20 hours a week of training on the court and 11 hours a week of physical training.

Adults Tennis Program

Weekly intensive classes for groups or individuals

This program is aimed at adults, companies, and/or relatives and friends of those who want to enjoy one or more intensive weeks of tennis and physical according to the needs of their game. The daily planning from Monday to Friday for this program is 3 hours of tennis and 1.30 hours of physical preparation all divided between the morning and the afternoon. Saturdays we will also train 2 hours of tennis and physical, being able to complete all of these trainings if desired with the facilities found in any of our locations.

This planning is the standard for the adult intensive program and can be modified according to your needs and preferences, please contact us and tell us these needs, we will offer you the proper planning for and your budget.

Additionally, we can provide you, as a complement to your stay in our Academy, various activities such as jet ski tours, excursions in buggies through amazing environments, canoe trips, golf, etc.

Private Tuition

They are an hour long tennis lessons for all ages and all levels from basic to advanced. They can be enjoyed throughout the year, and the Academy is committed to fitting the day and time that suits you the most.

Base school classes

After all these years growing as a Tennis Academy, we can count on good groups of adults of all the levels who train year round with us. Feel free to try them.  The classes are several days a week and/or weekend where you can enjoy our training and tactical games that will make you raise your tennis level while having a good time.

Base school classes

From 3 to 6 years

We try that the boys/girls begin to get familiar with the racket, the ball and the tennis court. During this stage we place special emphasis on children to have fun while teaching them the first concepts of the technique of tennis strokes.

From 6 to 12 years

We try to foster them to acquire the perfect technique of each tennis stroke: the forehand, the backhand, the volleys, the smashes and the serves. To this end we have created a 3-step system for the proper mechanization of every stroke in different areas of the court (as the boy/girl progresses and mechanizes the stroke correctly, it will go displacing to points in the court that are further away where more strength is needed to hit).

From 12 to 15 years

Once the technique and perfect mechanization of every stroke is acquired, we begin to do a lot of emphasis on footwork and mobility of the boy / girl to improve the quick movements on the court and the strikes in more complicated situations. It is also the time when we try to promote a tactical game system according to the skills of every boy/girl.

Our base school is designed to train both beginners and advanced players who want to improve their game, for which we offer programs at different levels with a progressive system that makes students learn and improve in an efficient manner and according to their abilities.

Children Initiating to tennis at base school

Having fun while they learn to play tennis

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