On Sunday, the final of the Liga MAPFRE Valor of the Ferrer de La Nucía Tennis Academy were played. A high-level match that measured two great players, such as Ilya Ivashka and Guillermo García López on a hot morning in which the wind was the protagonist in several phases of the game.

The Belarusian, first seed, reached the final having yielded a single set throughout the tournament. It was the first one he played, against Jaime Caldés, however, from there everything changed, winning that match, and closing his next duels against Javier Barranco and Nicola Kuhn in straight sets.

On the other hand, García López, third seed, reached the final after three tough battles. In the first round he had to suffer more than expected against Skatov, who he won in two sets, while in the quarter finals, the clash against Oriol Roca was decided in two sets, but in a very even match, where the player from La Roda turned over an adverse 2/5 in the first set. Finally, the semifinal was also solved in three sets, this time against the second seed, Steven Diez.

The Spanish was the one who best started the final, dominating from the back of the court with a wide variety of shots, and taking the Belarusian out of his comfort zone. He started with a favorable break, which made him let go and take the first (6/2).

However, the second one started in a totally different way. Ivashka changed and went on to play more aggressively, making him go ahead by three games to nil. This new pattern was better for him, he even had options to get 4/0 in his favor. But, García López returned

to the path of the first set, further changing the game with topspin shots and many drop shots, turning the scoreboard and going 3/3. With the match even, the third seeder played calmer, which made him raise the level, signing an outstanding end of the match, taking the second set 6/4.

A victory that gave the tournament to Guillermo García López, this being a victory that gives him a lot of confidence in order to return to the ATP circuit where he has been so long. After the quarterfinals that he reaped last week in the Liga MAPFRE Valor at Villena, this victory confirms his great state of form and that Guillermo García López still remains for a while.