In 2010, Ferrer Tennis Academy was born in Jávea, specifically in the Jávea Tennis Club, from the hand of Javier Ferrer Ern, one of the current directors of the same and brother of the professional tennis player David Ferrer, Top 10 of the ATP rankings.

Its beginnings were focused on creating a good foundation of children who years later are paying off and today many of them, along with others from around the world, are those who form part of the competition team of the Academy.

At this point, the Ferrer Tennis Academy is directed by Javier Ferrer and Israel Vior. These two former professional tennis players meet training and competing as juniors in Barcelona, where they soon strike up a friendship that, years later, is paying off. Those who are fortunate and know these two tennis professionals know full well that they form an unbeatable team, complementing each other and thereby achieving such a good a work environment and team, inside and outside the court that every player feels at home, thereby achieving the best out of each of them.

Javier Ferrer, born in Jávea on September 21st 1977, has over 28 years dedicated to professional tennis as a player and then as a coach, has studied and implemented, along with countless tennis professionals, his own teaching method, which has succeeded in giving a lot of positive results in this sport, many of them being reflected in players such as David Ferrer or Iñigo Cervantes, others have been national champions in various categories and top 10 in ITF juniors; in the case of David Ferrer, he has remained in the ATP in the Top 20 for the past nine seasons, finishing four of them among the Top 5.

Israel Vior, born in Barcelona on November 27th 1977, also has nearly three decades devoted to the world of tennis, first as a player and then as a coach of professional players such as the Portuguese Joao Sousa, the Spanish Iñigo Cervantes, or the Canadian Steven Diez, among others. Isra, as he is known by our players, leaves his native Barcelona in August 2013 to tackle a new project in his professional career, which bears the name “Ferrer Tennis Academy”. We cannot overlook this person that, thanks to his eagerness to work and experience, has an unquestionable professionalism as a coach, but also his closeness to the players and charisma has made him become an irreplaceable piece for the Academy.

The technical team of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, has personally taken care that every coach or professional that is part of the Academy team is in possession of the appropriate and relevant qualifications for the development of abovementioned methodology, besides them, all the other professionals that make up the Academy team daily, such as physical trainers, physiotherapists, sports psychologists, doctors, etc. are familiar with the methodology and their guidelines and recommendations provided they  are aimed at getting the best performance of the player.

Our methodology

One of the facets of the Player Development Program is to develop a brilliant technique. With a combination of personal training and the latest and best tools to analyze strokes on video, it develops an impeccable technical skills base together with an arsenal of weapons for each player to use at decisive moments in a match. The trainings include a detailed supervision ofhow to play points and matches, where the tactics and strategies are analyzed and then tested again in competition. This gradual introduction to pressure and competition situations, develops technical expertise, tactical skills and mental toughness in the players, required to win championships.

Our methodology is based on the instincts of the player, though they all have a denominator. Each one of them will adapt to our training method and to our philosophy, where such important valuesfor tennis will appear as are sportsmanship, education, perseverance, social commitment and to be there, “because we create elite players but we also create people” (Javier Ferrer).

From the very beginning we will make an individualized and personal planning of each player, where we will point out his/her objectives to be achieved in the short to medium term, therefore we will analyze his/her competition matches and training. Subsequently, we will give them some game patterns to follow, as well as routines for inside and outside the court. They will all have an individual and personal folder, which they will have to carry with them to all their trainings and competition matches, where they will have to record their progress on a daily basis. From the beginning they will be able to play regional tournaments so that our trainers can see them compete and this way also put into practice what was trained to that moment.

Our physical trainers will study each player individually to provide them the exercises and instructions they deem appropriate, performing many of the physical training sessions on the sand of the beach, taking advantage of our proximity to the sea and having proven its high benefit and effectiveness for any player.

The coaches will be responsible for the psychological part of each player, where they will work the routines between points, and a mental system will be developed for each one of them.

With the passing of time and as our players start achieving the objectives, they will start to compete in national and international tournaments according to their age, evolution and predisposition, thus being able to analyze the achieved objectives and plan according to their performance and fitness the training of the coming months.

We must point out that our methodology is internationally recognized, proof of this is that in recent years it is being implemented in full, through conventions and agreements signed with countries such as Mexico, U.S.A. and China, with coaches and graduates prepared for it, thereby achieving the globalization of our training system.