This Hotel-Residence, will receive the name of “Match: Hotel for Athletes” and will have a category of four stars. Its specialization will be the sport, being located in the best possible place, the Ciutat Esportiva Camilo Cano de la Nucía, just next to the Road Education area and the Pavilion parking, a new piece that will complement the puzzle of modern and complete facilities of this Sports Center of 250,000 square meters.

This establishment, will allow athletes, go to the competition areas, by walk, since they are about 20 meters away.

The novelty of the project is that it will be the first Hotel-Residence of Athletes in Spain, with a total surface constructed through three towers of 9,900 square meters, with a parking area of 2,400 square meters.

There will be 144 quadruple rooms, with an area of 27 square meters, which can accommodate 576 guests.