Tanay Mehta, born in Mumbai but a world citizen, is now part of Ferrer Tennis Academy.

The Indian teenager, born in 1999, has travelled all over the world to learn from the best trainers.

After travelling throughout the US practicing his beloved sport, it’s now his turn to learn from Javier Ferrer & Israel Vior’s technical staff at the ATF in Spain.

Tanay’s got the chance to improve his tennis skills while studying to keep running his family exportations business, so travelling around the world is a key asset for his professional career.

He thinks that, during the next year, Ferrer Tennis Academy will become his training base from which he will travel worldwide to participate at ITF Tournaments to get the required ranking to start his professional career at the ATP circuit.

The ATF staff is already working on his training strategy and planning his participation at different tournaments to get things started.

Welcome home Tanay and the best of lucks!

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