The ATF (Ferrer Tennis Academy) Player Development Program is a systematic methodology to develop world class players, a methodology in constant development for over 20 years. This system and methodology to develop world class players are now available for you.

General information on the ATF methodology

  • Winning Mentality

In fact, the determining factor in ranked matches is how the players handle the mental game. ATF offers a comprehensive training program to prepare him/her to reach him/her maximum performance and achieve victories in championships. The Mental Preparation Program is based on scientifically proven training techniques in sport psychology, oriented to get results, comprehensive and flexible, paying special attention to individual needs. Our Mental Preparation Program includes special trainings, with which we introduce the athlete in an entirely new sport, placing him/her in a strange environment away from his/her comfortable in tennis field. The training includes group sessions and individual assessments of mental strength.

Physical Preparation

One of the main reasons why so many athletes of the Academy have obtained tennis scholarships and many are playing in the ITF ATP and WTA circuits, is the physical condition developed under the system. Physical preparation covers all the physical aptitudes, strength training, injury prevention and nutrition. Recognizing that the strengths and weaknesses of each player are unique.

The Academy takes special care to develop customized training programs for each athlete. Our fitness program includes exercises for footwork, polymetric (medicine balls), circuit training as well as nutritional education and personal guidance.

Brilliant ability to understand the game – Technique and Tactics

To develop a brilliant technique is an important facet of the Player Development Program. With a combination of personal training and the latest tools to analyze strokes on video, it develops an impeccable technical skills base together with an arsenal of weapons for each player to use at decisive moments in a match. The trainings include a detailed supervision of how to play points and matches, where the tactics and strategies are analyzed and then tested again in competition. This gradual introduction to pressure and competition situations, develops technical expertise, tactical skills and mental toughness in the players, required to win championships.

Through unique and innovative exercises, varied in a precise way, focused on building a solid technical foundation and a great arsenal of special strikes, the Academy players reach new levels of tennis skills and capacity on their way to their ultimate goal of winning. Thus, with that combination of personal training and the use of the latest technologies focused on technical and tactical aspects of the game, the ATF coaches have a wide variety of teaching tools to bring to the players and their individual learning needs. The training includes targeted and specific exercises.

The “ATF Tennis System” helped, among many other players, to transform Meghann Shaughnessy, Anna Lena Groenefeld and David Ferrer into professional world class players. The development program of professional players is rooted in a proven multidisciplinary process, focusing on the full development of world class tennis players, who are in turn committed in and out of the court. The system includes instruction with the latest technologies in all the areas of tennis, stroke production, biomechanics, footwork, strategy, physical preparation, nutrition, tactics and mental strength and video analysis.


Every player in the development program of professional players, begins with a thorough examination of his/her playing style, mobility on the court, functional movement, strength, flexibility, nutrition and above all his/her physical and mental condition. According to the evaluation and assessment of the Academy personnel, the player, parents and coaches responsible, study an individualized and directed program. Short and long-term objectives are set to guide the development of the player towards attainable achievements and the parents willregularly receive detailed reports on the progress of their son/daughter.

Ferrer Tennis Competiton Academy

The Player Development Program takes place in Ferrer Tennis Academy located in the Jávea Tennis Club. With our highly advanced and specialized training, we only have the possibility of admitting a greatly reduced number of athletes in our Academy. The graduates of our academic program will receive an offer from a University in Division I or will go play the ATP or WTA professional tour.

David Ferrer
Íñigo Cervantes


The ATF Player Development Program takes place from Monday to Saturday with additional overtime if needed (with no additional charge). The daily tennis lessons are divided into sessions: morning and afternoon, developing aspects of his/her game and with the aim of obtaining their full potential. To accomplish this, we focus on the essential qualities to be able to compete at a professional level: winner mental focus, supreme physical condition and impeccable technical skills.

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