Italian born in December 1998 in the city of Pompeii with a powerful left-hand and skillful legs.

When he was little always played at a disadvantage because there was a big difference of heights for he was born in the last month of the year. However, his dedication and sacrifice helped him reach a large number of finals in the year, which led him to win several tournaments of the Italian Federation.

Gennaro is an elite athlete who continues to prepare his Marketing studies. Despite the demand of this sport, he seeks to train at the highest level for many hours, but confesses that it is very difficult to devote so much time to tennis while preparing his tests.

He is currently at position 1002 of the ITF Ranking, but relies on the Ferrer Tennis Academy to advance in his tennis career.

Javier Ferrer and the ATF team are designing a high performance training program that will allow him to combine his studies, physical preparation and participation in Challenger and ITF tournaments where he can start to get ATP points in 2016 and 2017.

Benvenuto Gennaro e buona fortuna!!

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