Last month, Iñigo Cervantes, a player of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, has managed to place himself at number 184 of the ATP Tour rankings.

Recently Iñigo Cervantes has managed to win the Ostrava Challenger (Czech Republic) defeating players that are and have been important in the Professional Tennis Circuit, with this victory, and a semi-final in Mersin Cup ATP Challenger (Turkey) Iñigo has been able to ascend more than 100 positions in the ATP ranking.

After overcoming injuries that have haunted him during the past years, Iñigo Cervantes is on his way to rediscover his best level, this was in 2012 before his hip operation, in that year, the player from San Sebastián was ranked 130 in the world, passing previous rounds in major tournaments like Wimbledon or Conde de Godo among others.

This last pre-season, Iñigo decided to train at the Ferrer Tennis Academy’s facilities where he did not have a good season start, as he had to overcome several injuries and that made him lose confidence in his game.

A month ago he began to feel a tennis player and competitive again, having overcome these physical problems and he gave an example of this at the Mersin Challenger, where he managed to reach the semi-finals by playing a good game and competing at a very high level.

On May 5th, the player managed to win the title in Ostrava, playing matches at a high intensity and overcoming all sorts of situations before great players.

Iñigo Cervantes:

“I am very happy to have won the Ostrava Challenger, but I think I must aspire to more and be able to continue to improve my level and thus be able to continue climbing up the ranking”.

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