The month of May 2019 is a month of surprises, positive, for professional tennis fans.

Pedro Martinez Portero, (04/26/1997) born in Alzira, returns to what was his home a while ago, to start a new journey with Javier Ferrer who once concluded his time as coach of David Ferrer, resumes this ambitious project.

With hardly any rest, after the emotional farewells of David Ferrer as a professional tennis player, Javier Ferrer is already working with Martínez Portero with the maximum intensity and commitment in the town of Xàbia (Alicante).

If something stands out this pair is in the ambition and self-demand that are undoubtedly the key to obtain the maximum performance of the young tennis player.

Both share the same goal, breaking into the TOP 100 and so the next weeks have been planned in Challenger Tour tournaments and a strenuous schedule of technical and tactical training by Javier Ferrer and physical preparation supervised by Jaume Ros, former physical trainer of David Ferrer.

Currently Pedro Martinez is in position 146 of the ATP ranking and his hunger for titles does not go unnoticed among the players of the circuit, who consider Pedro a tough opponent to beat with a great projection that just a year ago was in position 257 of the ATP.

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