The young player of the Ferrer Tennis Academy participates this week in the first female youth concentration of the RFET in the HPC in Barcelona.

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has convened the first girl’s work group at the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat, in Barcelona, ​​with players of the U-13 category.

The Fed Cup captain, Anabel Medina, has visited the young tennis players and has taken part in one of the training sessions.

The group is made up of Ariana Geerlings from Granada, Naroa Aranzábal from Guipúzcoa, Carmen López Martínez from Valencia, Raquel Caballero from Barcelona, ​​Sara Dols from Mallorca, Federica Pesare from Malaga, Daniela Lozano from Alicante, Silvia Alejo from Zaragoza and Tarraconense Anna Ortiz from Tarragona.

The coaches who accompany them are: Francisco Lacoba (Tennis Federation of the Valencian Community), Manuel Semitiel (Andalusian Tennis Federation), David Pérez (Aragonese Tennis Federation), Antonio Pesare (Tennis Federation of Madrid), Iván Martínez Montoro (Federació de Tennis de les Illes Balears) and Juan Manuel Galán (Federació Catalana de Tennis).

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