Ferrer Tennis Academy is positioned at the forefront of technology, hiring the services of the Neuropsychology Institute.

Neuropsychology is a discipline and clinical specialty, which converges between neurology and psychology. Clinical neuropsychology studies the effects that an injury, damage or anomalous functioning in the structures of the central nervous system causes on the cognitive, psychological, emotional and individual behavior processes.

Javier Ferrer, founder of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, implements in his training method a cutting-edge system created by Javier Dezagoire Limeres (SPA) with the latest technology in electrical brain activity recording.

The data recorded in the studies of each individual are processed by the technical staff of ATF and neuropsychologists experts to detect stress, frustration and insecurity triggers and by means of correction techniques, will be able to equip the player with psychological tools to master each critical situation.

With the application of this new method is intended to improve performance in the following fields:

  • Activation status.
  • Emotional Control.
  • Increase of the Peripheral Vision.
  • Control of sensory-motor skills.
  • Resistance to frustration.
  • Increase in the Attention Level.

In this way, the Ferrer Method continues to innovate and improve its performance in order to optimize the tactical and mental resources of the tennis players of its academy.

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