The valencian Pablo Andújar, is already part of the cast of great players of the Ferrer Tennis Academy.

Javier Ferrer technical director and Jaume Ros physical trainer, have designed a high performance program to recover the best Pablo Andújar.

After having reached his best ranking (#32) in 2015, Pablo bets on the experience of Javier Ferrer and his team to face a tough year, with a lot of sacrifice and struggle, but that will surely reap its rewards, reaching the positions once again it deserves.

At this time, the player is in a phase of physical recovery due to injury and subsequent surgical intervention of the right elbow, but thanks to his dedication, delivery and positivism, they have not separated him from his goal, accessing the list of 20 best ATP players.

In January 2017 he will resume his career in the professional tennis circuit, among the best rackets in the world. That is when Paul’s true struggle begins; measure yourself to the best ones who will meet a new Pablo Andújar, renewed inside and out.

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