Great week for the Ferrer Tennis Academy players, Pablo Llamas and Jessica Bouzas, at the spanish Under 18’s championship, played at the Reus Monterols Tennis Club. The first one conquered the men’s event, defeating Max Alcalá in the final by 6/2 5/7 6/2, while Jessica lost in the final against Marta Cústic by 6/2 7/6 (4)

Pablo, who started the championship as the first seed, solved his games without problems until the quarterfinals, where he met Miguel Pérez from Castellón. It was a high-level match, but Pablo came back from an adverse first set and qualified for the semifinals with a a 6/0 in the third and final set. Pablo Alemany, the fourth seed of the tournament, was waiting in the semifinals. However, Llamas played a serious match and showed his superiority with a resounding 6/2 6/3.

Already one step away from the title, Max Alcalá, third favorite of the tournament, appeared as the last obstacle before the title. Pablo started the game better, taking the first set 6/2. However, the catalan took the clash to a third set in which the Ferrer Tennis Academy player was going to beat his opponent by 6/2, which credited him as the champion, six years after having won the Under 12 edition.

A title that was going to restore his confidence after a tough year for everyone: «I am very happy after the victory, since it has been a very difficult year for everyone and this helps to carry it a little better,» says Llamas, who added that the first round match allowed him to find the confidence he was looking for: «In the first round I played a great game, much better than I expected, which gave me a lot of confidence for the following games.»

A victory that lets him change this summer dynamics and gives him some confidence to face the following tournaments in a different way. “It has not been an easy summer for me, so I want to thank my parents for their help in the worst moments. Both his help, as well as that of my team at the Ferrer Tennis Academy, has been awesome,” says Pablo Llamas.

Jessica Bouzas, runner-up

Jessica Bouzas’ way to the semifinals wasn´t too tough thanks to her high level of play. The first favorite of the edition quickly adapted to the playing conditions of the Reus Monterols Tennis Club, arriving full of confidence in the final rounds. Already in the semifinals, the opponent was going to be Leyre Romero, fifth seed and who had just gotten rid of Claudia De las Heras. However, Jessica would be the owner of the match and would take it by a 7/5 6/2, being better than her opponent at all times.

The final would be against Marta Cústic, who came from beating the second favorite, Alba Rey. The player from the canary island would start the match better, taking the first set. However, Jessica would raise the level and take the second set to the tie break, where she fell by 7/4, which would proclaim Custic the champion.

“Marta played at a very high level throughout the game, especially the first set, where she barely missed a ball. In the second set I improved, but she took the tie break, and with it the victory. The game was of a high level,” says Jessica. The Ferrer Tennis Academy player did not want to forget who is supporting her every day: «I want to thank my academy coaches, all my sponsors and my parents, who are a great support for me.»

The expedition was directed by Isaac Grau, who led Pablo Llamas and Jessica Bouzas to the championship and runner-up, respectively.