Javier Ferrer, coach of Pedro Martínez Portero, was proud to have played in the final of the Spanish championship, is a historic landmark, where there have been players of the highest level.

In the 1/4 finals he beat Roberto Carballés and in 1/2 finals Miguel Semmler but could not win the final against a brave Carlos Taberner.

«We are happy that both players won the doubles final. We’ve been working with Pedro for two years and he has a very high progression,»says Javier, who has played two Challengers tournaments in India this year and is thinking about making it through to the ATP tournaments despite Pedro’s youth. Javier Ferrer, emphasizes that Martinez Portero is a player with a lot of dedication and very professional and has clear objectives,»is a pure talent, winner and with much ambition. For this year 2018 we have a very large involvement and our goal is that in two more years he will be among the 100 best in the world», said Javier.

Finally Javier has said that his brother, David Ferrer, is very involved with all ATF players in addition to Pedro Martinez with whom he usually trains at the Ferrer Academy, Xàbia Tennis Club or Valencia Tennis Club. They also have the figure of physical trainer from Xabia, Jaume Ros, who physically prepares David, Pedro and other young international, national and Xabia players who are coming strong.

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