The Annual + Studies program (Ferrer Tennis Academy) offers a complete educational path for students who want intensive tennis training to obtain a jump in tennis quality, psychological, tactical and physical, combined with academic studies. The Ferrer Tennis Academy places great emphasis on obtaining good academic results. It is based on a systematic methodology to develop world class players, and has been in constant development for over 20 years. We are an Academy that likes the family treatment, and that’s why we only admit 2 or 3 players per court. The program also includes a periodic report of the player’s evolution, video-analysis and a personalized competition calendar.

The «ATF Tennis System» is based on:

Winning Mentality

The determining factor in close matches is how the players handle the mental game. ATF offers a mental preparation program based on sports psychology and scientifically proven. Our intensive training prepares you to achieve your maximum performance and win championships.

Physical Preparation

One of the main reasons why so many Academy athletes have obtained tennis scholarships and many are playing on the ITF ATP and WTA circuits, is the physical condition developed under the system. Physical preparation covers all physical skills: strength training, injury prevention and nutrition. Recognizing that each player’s strengths and weaknesses are unique.

    • Brillante capacidad de entender el juego – Técnica y táctica

Desarrollar una técnica brillante es una faceta importante del programa de desarrollo de jugadores/as. Analizamos los golpes en vídeo con el jugador/a, supervisamos las tácticas y estrategias utilizadas, y finalmente desarrollamos unos ejercicios únicos e innovadores para cada jugador/a. Son variados de una forma precisa, que le dan al jugador/a un gran arsenal de armas para que cada jugador/a pueda utilizarlos en los momentos decisivos de un partido.

El “Sistema de Tenis ATF ” ayudó entre otros muchos jugadores/as a transformar a David Ferrer, Iñigo Cervantes, Pablo Andújar, Pedro Martínez, Javier Barranco, Meghann Shaughnessy, Anna Lena Groenefeld, en jugadores/as profesionales de clase mundial.

The High Performance Weekly program includes:
  • 17.5 hours of tennis training
  • 10.5 hours of physical training / sports activities
  • Elian’s British School and Xabia International College
  • Video analysis
  • Technical and physical report
  • Accommodation in the ATF Residence or Housing
  • Physiotherapy service*
  • Sports psychology service
  • Creation of a personalized calendar
  • Coach service at tournaments (coach’s travel, board and lodging expenses must be paid separately)
  • Competition on Saturdays
  • Welcome pack
  • Transfer in/out to Alicante or Valencia airport (2 transfers included)

*It has an additional cost

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Xabia International College

XIC, Xabia’s teaching center, collaborates with ATF for the educational development of the Ferrer Tennis Academy athletes.

The British School of Xabia has designed an ideal system for those schoolchildren who wish to study in combination with the demanding world of elite athletes.

This is why XIC is very committed to sport and the training of tennis players and sportsmen in general and thus to complete their compulsory studies with maximum performance and guarantees of success.

A clear example of the effectiveness of the system is that the Tennis Academy’s tennis players already enjoy the program of studies led by Fiona Phillips as a tutor of the high performance tennis group since 2017 and her students/sportsmen, attend daily their homework, exams and studies despite being out of town for attending professional tennis tournaments both nationally and internationally.

High school officials Fiona Phillips, Gaynor Laporte and Mike Mills High School Principal have received the T-shirt signed by David Ferrer as a thank you for their invaluable support and commitment to developing the program tailored for students who wish to pursue a career in sports or even apply for scholarships to U.S. universities as several ATF players have done in the past.

Elian's British School

At Elian’s British School our aim is excellence in English for all our students. This objective goes hand in hand with our desire to foster confidence in themselves, their individual talents and their ability to cooperate in an international environment.

On an impressive mountain in the Costa Blanca, our school offers a warm and stimulating environment where all children can develop, from a young age, to the threshold of adulthood. From one year of age onwards, we provide an environment in which our youngest children can develop social skills, self-expression and an early enthusiasm for learning, including valuable exposure to the English language.

Our primary students benefit from being part of a school community where they spend most of their day learning in English, along with carefully selected aspects of Spanish teaching. Our secondary students gain a multilingual foundation in a wide variety of subjects taught by specialists. With world-class qualifications, our alumni have access to some of the best universities in the world.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our children a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These include music lessons using the acclaimed Suzuki method; various sports such as tennis, soccer, taekwondo and longboarding; and other popular activities such as art, dance and drama. Our school has enviable facilities including fully equipped science labs, state-of-the-art computer rooms and state-of-the-art teaching technology.

ATF Residence

This Hotel-Residence will be called «Match: Hotel for Athletes» and will have a four star category.

Its specialization will be sports, being located in the best possible place, the Ciutat Esportiva Camilo Cano de la Nucía, right next to the Road Education area and the Pavilion’s parking lot, a new piece that will complement the modern and complete facilities of this 250,000 square meter Sports Center.

This establishment will allow athletes to go to the competition areas on foot, as they are about 20 metres away.

The novelty of the project is that it will be the first Hotel-Residence for Sportsmen and Women in the whole of Spain, with a total surface area built through three towers, of 9,900 square metres, including a car park with a surface area of 2,400 square metres.

There will be 144 quadruple rooms, with a surface area of 27 square metres, and they will be able to accommodate 576 occupants.

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