«After having achieved an immaculate year in 2018, the Radio Marca microphones open for the young tennis player from Jerez.»

Pablo Llamas, at 16, has had an amazing season to add to his extensive tennis career.

He started playing tennis at the age of 4 years in his hometown of Jerez, practically since he was standing and now he does it at the Ferrer Tennis Academy.

His achievements include successes such as being part of the Champion Team of the Davis Junior Cup 2018 and winning the Junior Promise Circuit Master, also present in national teams and accessing the Mutua Madrid Open U-16 Masters as well as winning the ITF trophy Junior David Ferrer played at his Tenis Ferrer Academy this year.

Recently Pablo won the Under-16 title of the Orange Bowl, the junior world championship and, together with Ángel Guerrero, the doubles title. They are, then, the last players of a talent’s list in which we find Borg, Orantes, Evert, Lendl or Wilander, among other greats.

The young ATF player is the sixth player to win singles and doubles. Previously they were John McEnroe and Roger Federer.

Pablo is characterized by having his feet on the ground and is well wrapped up by his blood family and sports, his coaches. Llamas is aware that he still has a long way to go, of effort and sacrifice, which of course he is willing to assume.

He trains seven hours a day at the Ferrer Tennis Academy where he trains with fellow players such as Javier Barranco, Raúl Brancaccio, among others, who are in the high areas of the ATP ranking and a mirror to watch when he sees David Ferrer training.

To RADIO MARCA attended with his trainer Javier Martí, a disciple of the talented director of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, Javier Ferrer, who pays special attention to the progress of Pablo and the rest of the players of the academy who are in a sweet moment of their sports career and who shows an absolute passion for transferring his knowledge to the ATF technical staff.

Miguel Díaz, president of the RFET, proudly pointed out that Roland Garros had distinguished Spanish tennis for his role in the past junior tournaments. A structure that in 2018 had 57 men’s ITF tournaments, 10 ITF juniors and 17 Tennis Europe as the tip of the iceberg – «and without the resources of a Grand Slam» – takes care that our young tennis players find favorable ground for their progression and our tennis does not lack the relief.

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