It is already a reality that AGM Education is part of the group of international companies associated with the TenisFerrer Academy.

Success Stories


Thanks to the work done at the Ferrer Tennis Academy, I became a tennis player with the ambition of deserving opportunities, such as the possibility of combining my studies with obtaining an athletic scholarship in the United States. And I want to thank all the coaches I have trained with them, especially Javi Ferrer.

Ainara Pastor

Fairmont State University

August, 2018

Luis Foix

It was a hard process, but thanks to ATF and AGM I could get a scholarship in Troy University D1 in Alabama. I have been in ATF since I started playing tennis. They are my second family and without their help I would have never got my goals. They are an example of discipline and hard-working. I am very grateful to all the members of ATF, especially Javier Ferrer and Israel Vior for their work and the values they taught me.

Luis Foix

Troy University D1, Alabama

August 01, 2018

Ivon Mihaleva

Ferrer Tennis Academy has been my home for many years. Thanks to Javier Ferrer, all the coaching staff and the hard work at the academy, I was able to get the opportunity to continue my tennis and study career at the D1 Illinois State University. I’m extremely happy for my decision and it has been a great experience so far! #ATF #USAScholarships #tennis

Ivon Mihaleva

D1 Illinois State University

Maria Martinez Martinez

Thanks to the work done at Ferrer Tennis Academy, I become a tennis player with ambition to deserve opportunities, such as the possibility of combining my studies and tennis getting a sports scholarship in the USA. ATF has been like a family and I have no doubts about returning during my holidays anytime.

Maria Martinez Martinez

April 01, 2017

University of Central Florida

Maria Martinez, #ATFplayer, has also won a #USAscholarship to continue her studies and tennis career at the University of Central Florida with a hard work and perseverance. Good luck Maria! #ATF #WTA #UCF #USAScholarships #tennis

Yana Grechkina

It was hard, but thanks to the special program followed at ATF I could get my scholarship in USA. It was a very good experience at the academy and I hope to return soon in the summer to continue learning and having fun!

Yana Grechkina

April 18, 2016

University of Missouri Kansas-City

Pablo Aycart

It hasn’t been an easy process, but thanks to the daily work, the requirement of the ATF program and the invaluable collaboration of AGM Sports I obtained my scholarship in USA where I can combine my studies with my tennis career. ATF has been my home for the last year and a half and will continue to be as I will return in the holiday periods to continue training at the highest level.

Pablo Aycart Joya

April 7, 2017

University of Miami

Andrés Alcaraz

Undoubtedly the hard and constant work done at Ferrer Tennis Academy was essential to get here. Thank you ATF for helping me meet this goal of getting a sports scholarship in USA and playing D1 college. More than an excellent workplace ATF has been and will continue to be my second home.

Andrés Alcaraz

April 19, 2016

Norfolk State University

Gonzalo Morell

Thanks to the Ferrer method, my transition to USA was very easy. The ATF‘s way of working squeezes you to the maximum and brings out the best in you, which makes you arrive in the best possible conditions. I am very grateful to all members of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, especially Javier Ferrer, for the work they did with me and that they perform day by day with the other players. It is and will remain my second home every time I return from the USA.

Gonzalo Morell

Middle Tennessee State University

August 17, 2015