Summer is coming and, just like every year, the inflow of new players both professionals and amateurs alike, and their families, make us better ourselves year after year. As a novelty for this 2015, the Javea Tennis Club and the Ferrer Tennis Academy have decided to go for an activity that in recent years has undergone an impressive increase in participants in both a national and international level: Spinning or Indoor Cycle.

Spinning is a collective activity directed by a monitor that is carried out on stationary bikes specially designed for this purpose following the rhythm of the music. In this class you can work, depending on the type of session that is made, both the cardiovascular resistance and intervallic work or speed training. Many of our most outstanding players, such as Iñigo Cervantes, currently 140 in the ATP ranking, and even our top 10, David Ferrer, often use this activity as another tool in their intense workouts.

Why do people like spinning so much? Surely because it is a group class that is very pleasant, in which you perspire a lot and the feeling of work is very high. A lot of calories are burnt and the lower body is strengthened (toning of the legs and buttocks is evident in a few weeks). It is also completely customizable, because every person controls his/her resistance, and if someone makes a mistake, it is not as obvious as in other classes such as aerobics or step. Anyone with an acceptable cardiovascular capacity can practice spinning: an excessive coordination is not required, and we can continue to the monitor pedaling, we will give us the pace of the session.

We encourage everyone from July 1st  to try this new initiative on the part of the Javea Tennis Club and of the Ferrer Tennis Academy, which we hope is to your liking and that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

If you want to reserve a place you can call 96 646 38 17 (ATF Office) or 686 13 30 75 (Carmen).

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