At the Ferrer Base School Tennis Academy we try to promote the development of the physical qualities of boys/girls through a healthy and fun activity such as tennis.

We also foster the acquisition of values and personal growth by linking sport with academic training and languages.

Our base school is designed to train both beginners and advanced players who want to improve their game, for which we offer programs at different levels with a progressive system that makes students learn and improve in an efficient manner and according to their abilities.

The methodology of our base school is organized according to the ages of the students.

Children Initiating to tennis at base school

Having fun while they learn to play tennis

From 3 to 6 years

We try that the boys/girls begin to get familiar with the racket, the ball and the tennis court. During this stage we place special emphasis on children to have fun while teaching them the first concepts of the technique of tennis strokes.

From 6 to 12 years

We try to foster them to acquire the perfect technique of each tennis stroke: the forehand, the backhand, the volleys, the smashes and the serves. To this end we have created a 3-step system for the proper mechanization of every stroke in different areas of the court (as the boy/girl progresses and mechanizes the stroke correctly, it will go displacing to points in the court that are further away where more strength is needed to hit).

From 12 to 15 years

Once the technique and perfect mechanization of every stroke is acquired, we begin to do a lot of emphasis on footwork and mobility of the boy / girl to improve the quick movements on the court and the strikes in more complicated situations. It is also the time when we try to promote a tactical game system according to the skills of every boy/girl.

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